Good Deeds Inc.

This game takes place entirely within the cell phone of a high-powered executive who’s got his hands in several ventures, and after a recent scandal needs to survive for 25 days while his black market contact figures out how to get him to the Cayman Islands. This game was a result of a game jam hosted by my school, the theme being “death is useful”. To distinguish ourselves from the competition, I decided to flip the prompt on its head and designed a game that encourages the player to make ruthless decisions that would cause them to unknowingly result in the death of many people for financial gain. This led to a darkly comedic game with a lot of laughs and some engaging strategy mechanics. A couple people at the expo we presented it at said they’d play it for hours if it had a full campaign and a bit more polish, and some people compared it to the fantastic Papers, Please. I designed the game, made all the art, and wrote many of the scenarios presented to the player in the game.